How to use Wave Cards?

Tap your card or scan the QR Code for easy access to your contact profile or preferred links!

Using Wave Cards with Various Devices: A Quick Guide


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Using the Mobile App

Wave’s Digital Business Card App

Share Your Contact
Details Instantly
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As soon as someone scans your digital business card, your contact details instantly hit their screen.

Capture & Store Others Business Cards

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Not only will you share your contact details, but also will be able to capture others’ details and sync them to your contacts and CRM With our Premium Features.

Update Business Cards In a Single Click

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Easily update your business card design or contact details, and the changes will be implemented in seconds.


Questions before ordering

Wave Cards are powered by NFC technology. We can consider them as high-functioning business cards perfectly fit to the modern world

With just one wave into a smartphone or by scanning the custom QR code, you can wirelessly share your contact details or transport visitors to your Website Landing Page, Social Media platforms, and so much more!

It’s better than the conventional business card. You can keep the same card with you all the time without having to give and dispose of it. Clients will be able to add you to contacts directly in just one tap. Your info will be automatically updated easily without having to print anything.

Yes, you can the purchase sample pack from our store

Yes it works both on Android and Iphone

No there isn’t any ongoing charges. It’s a one time payment only for the cards

Yes, using the analysis dashboard in the admin portal


Yes, you can! It’s really your choice what you want to add but we recommend to keep it minimal since the contact details are on the chip and QR code, there is no point to have them on the card printed since you are not handing the cards to client but tapping it on their phones to transfer those details

We don’t recommend adding many contact details but it’s your decision. Your card = your rules.

Yes, you can. We offer a 10% discount if you order over 10 wave cards.

Yes, it is done through the admin portal, once we have your order processed. You can manage all your wave cards in one portal and do all the changes there.


We are doing our production at our main office 2/53 Gawain Road, Bracken Ridge, QLD, Australia 4017. We ship Australia wide


Questions after ordering (production process)

The Production time is between 1-3 days and 3-5 days when it’s busy!

Once we have processed your order. We will update you together with the tracker via email.

Once we have processed your order. We will update you together with the login to the Profile Portal via email.

For the Shipping of the Cards Regular – 3-5 days within Brisbane 5-7 days to the other states. Express – 1-3 days within Brisbane 3-5 days to the other states This is just an approximation 🙂

Questions after receiving the card’s

Yes, all details and information stored on our website and web app (Portal) are stored and secured

Yes, You can access the admin portal on any device

Security FAQ’s

The web app is hosted with very known and secured hosting digital ocean

Our website is secured with the latest SSL encryption  and additional security.

Rest assured that your transaction with us is safe and secure.

No, we don’t share your information with any third party.


Yes we do our maintenance regularly and it includes backing up the data.