Wave Social Media Cards

Introducing the Wave Social Media Card – a stylish blend of wood and technology. With built-in NFC, these cards let you effortlessly share your Instagram or LinkedIn profile with a tap. Compatible with Android and iPhone, they redefine networking, making a lasting impression while prioritizing eco-friendliness. Elevate your digital presence with the sleek and efficient Wave Social Media Card.

Wave Google Review Card


Wave Instagram Card


Wave LinkedIn Card


Wave Facebook Card



Wave Cards are powered by NFC technology. We can consider them as high-functioning business cards perfectly fit to the modern world.

With just one wave into a smartphone or by scanning the custom QR code, you can wirelessly share your contact details or transport visitors to your Website Landing Page, Social Media platforms, and so much more!

  • For iPhones, tap on the top front of the phone and then open the notification that pops up. For older iPhone models, activate your phone’s NFC from the settings. After tapping save my contact, you must scroll down and tap create new contact otherwise the contact will not be saved.
  • For Android phones, tap on the back of the phone. Always make sure that your phone’s NFC is ON.
  • For the Metal Wave Cards, always tap the card on the side where the QR code is printed since this is where the NFC chip is located.


Yes, Price including both side print.