, Premium Subscriptions

Elevate Your Networking Experience with

Wave Cards' Premium Features

Make a lasting impression in the professional world with Wave Cards’ premium features. Our Business Plan offers advanced tools to track your card’s performance, seamless integration with Apple/Android Wallet, customisable multi-profiles, and various stunning card themes.

Upgrade to our Enterprise Plan for even more benefits

Upgrade to our Enterprise Plan for even more benefits, including Zapier and CRM integrations, custom domain personalisation, a showcase for your talented team, and profile grouping for efficient management. Discover the power of Wave Cards’ premium features and take your networking to a new level. Sign up today and leave a lasting mark in the professional world!

, Premium Subscriptions

Professional Plan

Free with any Wave Card purchase - One-time fee

With our Professional Plan, you can access many powerful features to enhance your networking and professional interactions. It’s a one-time fee. It comes included with your Wave Card purchase.

Wave Portal Access

Manage all your Wave Cards seamlessly in one central portal, making it convenient to keep track of your cards and update information.

Multiple Sharing Options

 Share your Wave Cards easily using various methods such as tapping your card, QR code, mobile app, etc. Connect effortlessly with others.

Company User Management

View, manage, and invite all your company users’ cards within the same portal. Collaborate efficiently with your team to manage Wave Cards effectively.

User-Friendly Analytics Dashboard

 Keep a close eye on your card’s performance with our user-friendly analytics dashboard. Gain insights into the impact and reach of your Wave Cards.

Mass Editor for Wave Cards Details

Save time by applying mass edits to multiple cards at once. Update information across several Wave Cards effortlessly.

Contact Exchange Feature

 Exchange your card with others seamlessly. Simultaneously, receive their card details on your phone, ensuring you stay connected and informed.

Add to Apple/Android Wallet

Seamlessly integrate your Wave Card with Apple/Android Wallet, ensuring easy access and convenience for you and your contacts.

Lead Inbox Page

 All incoming leads from the contact exchange feature are neatly organised on the Lead Inbox Page inside your dashboard. Easily export these contacts to your CRM or marketing tools for follow-up.

Add Images and Videos to Your Wave Card Profile

Showcase your business in a visually engaging way by adding images and videos to your Wave Card profile. Clearly explain and demonstrate what your business is all about.

Unlock the true potential of your networking efforts with our Professional Plan. Simplify card management, enhance your business connections, and showcase your brand like never before. Sign up now and take your networking experience to a whole new level!

Business Plan

$6 – $8/monthly per seat 

Everything in Professional Plan +

Advanced Analysis Dashboard

Keep a close eye on your card’s performance with our advanced analysis dashboard. Gain valuable insights, including location tracking and more, to better understand the impact of your Wave Card.

Create Multi-Profiles in One Card

Customise your Wave Card with multiple profiles and effortlessly switch between them. Tailor your information to suit different contexts and audiences, all in one card.

Additional Card Themes

Express your unique style and personality by choosing from a wide selection of themes to apply to your Wave Card. Make a lasting impression on anyone who receives it.

Wave Email Signature

Elevate your email communications with beautifully designed email signatures using the information from your existing Wave Card. Leave a lasting impression in every email you send.

Wave Backgrounds

Stand out in virtual meetings with professional backgrounds that showcase your Wave Card’s QR code and essential details. Perfect for platforms like Zoom, Teams, and more.

Paper Business Cards AI Scanner (Mobile App Feature)

Say goodbye to manual data entry! Our AI-powered scanner can digitise unlimited paper business cards effortlessly, automatically adding them to your contact list.

Profiles Switcher (Mobile App Home Screen Widget)

Switch between card profiles seamlessly using our mobile app’s home screen widget. Access different versions of your Wave Card with just a tap.

QR Code Widget (Mobile App Home Screen Widget)

Display your Wave Card’s QR code conveniently on your mobile home screen using the widget. Share your information effortlessly with others.

Enterprise Plan

$7/monthly per seat – Min/ 5 seats

Everything in Professional & Business Plan +

Zapier and CRM Integrations

Connect your Wave Lead inbox with your preferred CRM system using our built-in integration or Zapier. Streamline your workflows and keep your data organised.

Custom Domain

Personalise your Wave Card link to match your company’s domain, reinforcing your brand identity and professionalism.

Profile Grouping (Coming soon)

Stay organised by grouping your Wave Cards into folders and assigning each group to separate department admins. Easily manage multiple cards and streamline administration.

My Team

Showcase your company’s talent and create a beautiful team page. Share your staff portfolio with others, highlighting your team’s expertise.

Our Plans


Free with any Wave Card purchase


Per Month/User Membership


Per Month/User Membership - Min/ 5 Memberships

Unlock the full potential of Wave Cards with our premium features. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and elevate your networking and professional interactions to new heights. Join Wave Cards today and leave a lasting impression!