, Learn Affiliate Dashboard

Hello and welcome to our Wave Cards Affiliate program.
Let me share with you how the platform works for you as an affiliate.

Table of Contents


Once you got approved as an affiliate. You’ll be able to login and access the dashboard through this link:


You can always login through the default login area of the website here:


Once you are logged in, you can proceed to the first link.


The dashboard section is the home screen with a recap of all the data of your profile, with:

● Total earnings, paid, refunded and active balance;
● Commissions rate, conversion rate and the latest commissions;
● Visits, visits today and the latest visits

, Learn Affiliate Dashboard


In this tab, you will see all the commissions generated with your ID, date, product and related order ID, amount, commission rate and commission status.

Commission Status are:

● pending: Your referral made an order and it is under review and still processing
● pending-payment: We have received payment from the order and your commission is
approved and payment is under preparation.
● paid: When your commission is sent
● not-confirmed: When there is trouble with the commission sending process.
● cancelled: If the order of your referral is cancelled or failed.
● refunded: If the order of your referral is refunded.

You can also filter the commissions by status and date, and sort them by any of the titles in the column.

, Learn Affiliate Dashboard


From this tab you can see all the visits, date, the referral Link that has been used, the Origin – the page where the link has been embedded or used – and the status (that can either be converted or not converted).

, Learn Affiliate Dashboard


From this tab, you will see all your payment records, the date, the amount, the invoice (if available) and the status.

, Learn Affiliate Dashboard

Note: commissions will be paid automatically by our system every month on day 15 if you
have collected a minimum of $50.00.

Link generator

This is where you can find your affiliate ID or token, your referral link and where you can also generate direct links with your referral ID to specific pages of your site.

Not only is it possible to copy the link and embed it on any page you wish, but it is also possible to enable the social sharing icons, so you can share the link in just a few clicks.

, Learn Affiliate Dashboard


PayPal MassPay
Here you can see the PayPal account email you want to receive commissions to.

Notify on new commissions
if enabled, they will receive an email whenever a new commission is generated in an order made through a referral link.

Notify on paid commissions
if enabled, they will receive an email whenever a payment of their commissions is issued.