A Wave Makes Doing Business Easier

Enterprise Wave NFC business cards are a smarter way to connect team members with clients, and everything can be tracked.

Admin Portal

The power is in your hands. Amend contact details, alter form design, and add new profiles easily.

Advanced Analytics

Monitor the performance of individuals, landing pages, your top scanned accounts and much more.

VIP Customer Service

When your teams rely on Wave, we’re always on hand to ensure you’re getting the most from your NFC business card.

Data Security

All data captured is stored and encrypted, abiding by strict protocol to keep your business protected at all times.

Why Wave?

Introducing Wave Enterprise

To control, monitor, manage and analyse all your digital business cards in one place. Connect sales reps with clients, capture meaningful data and optimise your sales and marketing processes.

The right solution

No More Wasted Cash

Stop wasting your budget on printed business cards. When you equip your team with Wave, they’ll have one card they can share with unlimited people. If an employee leaves, simply assign their card to someone new and update the contact details – it’s that easy.

Make Your Business Memorable

Plain old printed business cards get lost, left behind, or forgotten about – Wave doesn’t. Wow potential clients by flashing your Wave near their iPhone or Android device and see their amazement as your contact details appear on their screen. One thing’s certain, anyone you meet will remember you, your business, and your Wave.

Your NFC Business Card, Your Style

Make your card memorable and choose from a selection of materials

Plastic Collection

$49 - $81

Bamboo Collection


Metal Collection


Carbon Collection


Wave Accessories


Sample Pack


4 Steps To Start

Make the change

Step 1: Pick Your Cards

Choose from a selection of materials and purchase the number of cards you need.


Step 2: Create Your Design

Add your logo and company name to your chosen cards.


Step 3: Proof & Print

Approve the design proof we send, and we’ll start the production process.

4. Welcome to THE FAMILY!

Step 4: Welcome Aboard

Receive your card, get access to the admin portal and start Waving!

Connect With Clients

Share contact details, landing pages, social media accounts and much more, giving your marketing and field-based teams a novel method of engaging with clients.

More Than A Business Card

Build relationships, generate leads and make more sales

Share Contact Details

Traditional business cards rely on the recipient putting contact details in their phone – Wave does it automatically.

Digital Marketing

Direct prospects to social media accounts, dedicated landing pages, and much more.

Lead Generation

Link people to your calendar or booking system and seal the deal there and then, rather than waiting to follow up.

Meaningful Data Makes Meaningful Relationships

Wave Enterprise offers insights traditional business cards can’t. Now, you can assess the impact of these relationship-creating cards.

A One-Time Purchase For A Lifetime Of Interactions We want to ensure that no one forgets meeting your employees. So, once you’ve purchased your cards, there’s no membership fee, repeat purchasing or updating costs – you’re set for life.

Make the change

About Wave

Founded and based in Brisbane, Australia, we have a passion for helping other small-to-medium sized Australian businesses succeed.

Welcome To The Wave Family

Everyone who uses Wave is a part of our family, and we’ve got your back. Our Brisbane-based support team is on-hand to help you get the most from the best NFC business cards on the planet.

Wave Cards are powered by NFC technology. We can consider them as high-functioning business cards perfectly fit to the modern world.

With just one wave into a smartphone or by scanning the custom QR code, you can wirelessly share your contact details or transport visitors to your Website Landing Page, Social Media platforms, and so much more!

  • For iPhones, tap on the top front of the phone and then open the notification that pops up. For older iPhone models, activate your phone’s NFC from the settings. After tapping save my contact, you must scroll down and tap create new contact otherwise the contact will not be saved.
  • For Android phones, tap on the back of the phone. Always make sure that your phone’s NFC is ON.
  • For the Metal Wave Cards, always tap the card on the side where the QR code is printed since this is where the NFC chip is located.

Yes you can do that by login to your profile and change any of your details

Yes, we will print your design on one or both side. We recommend to keep the design simple by adding only the logo on the front side and maybe the qr code on the back side. you can also add more details like the card holder name in small. more than that, it will get busy!

Yes, This comes with monthly subscription but you also get priority support.

Yes, Price including both side print.

Yes, we will send you proof of design before going ahead and printing it.