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NFC Wave Card is for?

The target audience can be gender (i.e. male or female), an age group (i.e. business owners or retirees), a lifestyle demographic or some other defined group of people.

What are NFC Wave Cards?

NFC Wave Cards are powered by NFC technology. We can consider them as high-functioning business cards perfectly fit to the modern world. With just one wave into a smartphone or by scanning the custom QR code, you can wirelessly share your contact details or transport visitors to your Website Landing Page, Social Media platforms, and so much more! NFC is installed inside the cards

NFC Wave Cards Materials

Metal Card

Comes in hybrid black/silver/gold or other colours with a matte finish

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Bamboo Cards

Comes in 2 different colors, Light & Dark

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Plastic Card

Comes in many different card colors

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Plated with gold-like material

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Carbon Fibre

Lightweight but strong & durable

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Translucent look, strong and flexible material
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When should someone use the product?

Is it meant to be used anytime, especially if you are on a business trip,or in a meeting. It should be used every day or year-round.

Where should someone use NFC Wave Cards?

Is it  meant for indoor or outdoor use? You can easily use them for your own company. You can bring NFC Wave Cards wherever you go. Business card represents your company’s brand.

Why is NFC Wave Cards useful or better than the competitors?

Business Card Printing or Traditional Business Cards has been declining in sales as more and more consumers are getting their business cards digitally now. The data suggests that if you do not get your business cards done, then you will be having fewer clients in the future.

Moreover, it also implies that your competition is using online methods to gain other customers and make sales on their behalf. And this cannot be done without a good looking and professional looking business card.

Hence, NFC Wave Cards are important for any business owner to get produced and distributed around his community or workplace.

How does the NFC Wave Cards work?

NFC- Wave Cards have a symbol that looks similar to a wi-fi symbol denoting their contactless feature. The NFC chip can make short-range data transfer without the need to be swiped by the PoS device. “NFC transmits data via electromagnetic radio fields, enabling two devices to communicate with each other

The process is almost the same with both Android and Apple Phones. There is only a slight difference because the NFC Tag is located differently. For Android Phones, just unlock your phone, then scan or wave within an inch on the center of the back of your phone, where the NFC Tag is located. On the other hand, the same process applies to the Apple Phones, only that you’ll have to scan or wave within an inch at the top of the screen because this is where the NFC Tag of Apple Phones are located.

NFC Wave Cards Admin Portal

Customers are given access to the portal wherein they can change or create their profile. One account can manage multiple profiles.

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, Affiliate Information Pack
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