Wave Card’s Management Portal Roles

Workflow demonstration for the roles available in the Wave Card's management portal:

  1. **Admin Role:**

   – The Admin is the main person responsible for making card purchases and managing them in the portal.

   – The Admin can perform the initial setup for the purchased cards.

   – The Admin can invite other admins to collaborate on managing the Wave Card’s portal with different permissions and roles.

   – The Admin can also assign cards to users, allowing them to log in with their emails and manage their assigned cards.


  1. **Invited Admins:**

   – Invited admins are users who have been invited to collaborate on the Wave portal to help the main admin manage all Wave Cards.

   – The main Admin can invite other admins with different permission levels:

     – Full Admin Permissions.

     – Card’s Management and Editing Permission.

     – Viewer: This role can only view the dashboard without the ability to edit anything.


  1. **Users:**

   – Users refer to employees and staff who have been assigned specific cards by the Admin.

   – The Admin has the flexibility to assign one or multiple cards to a single user.

   – Users can only see the contacts they have collected using their assigned card.


**General Notes:**

  1. The Admin’s email must be used for future purchases to have new cards added to the existing account.
  2. The Admin has the authority to revoke login access for users from the admin dashboard at any time.
  3. The Admin can enforce two-factor authentication (2FA) on all users for added security.
  4. With premium plans, admins gain access to advanced permissions, allowing better control over user access, including:

   – Restrictions on users editing their cards.

   – Integration of a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for signing in using the company’s integrated SSO. (Built as per request for extra fee)