The Benefits of the Exchange Contacts Feature

One of the hardest parts of handing out and collecting business cards is getting the contact information into your phone. Often, people go to a meeting or networking event, pick up some business cards and forget about them. They’re put in the bottom of a bag or drawer and never to be seen again, but the Exchange Contacts feature with Wave digital business cards overcomes this.

What Is the Exchange Contacts Feature?

Once setup is complete, the Exchange Contacts feature enables both parties to automatically exchange contact details and automatically add them to each other’s contacts list. The most impactful aspect of the feature is anyone can use it. As long as one person is a Wave user, both can benefit.

Whatsmore, you can share as much or as little information as you like. You create your own profile for sharing, meaning you can add a picture, links to marketing material and much more.

Why Do You Need Contact Exchange?

As mentioned, beating the never-ending pile of business cards is challenging. Nowadays, people are incredibly busy. We need everything done for us conveniently and quickly. Wave empowers you to scan business cards to contacts with zero effort.

When compared with antiquated paper business cards, this new method saves people time, money and hassle. It keeps contacts organised and empowers businesses to report on the success of their networking and marketing efforts.

The exchange contact feature sets you apart from anyone else in the room, makes you memorable and puts you ahead of potential competitors.

How To Use Exchange Contacts

It couldn’t be easier to get up and running with exchange contacts. It’s free feature so it’s automatically turned on. If you want to turn it off, you can do that by heading to the card edit page and turn it off from there.

Page called Lead Inbox will appear in your portal. Here is where all your new contacts will be collected.

When it comes to exchanging contacts, after tapping your card, the visitor will see a button called Exchange Contact, after tapping on that button, a popup will appear to input their contact details.

Then the magic happens. Wave Cards sends two emails – one to you with the contact details of the person you just met and one to the person you met with your contact details. What’s more, a VCF file is attached, which, when opened, will automatically save details to your address book.

As you collect more leads, you can take advantage of the Lead Inbox feature. Here, you can either download a CSV file and import it to your other system. Alternatively, you can use our integrations that exist in Wave Cards with your CRM system and have leads automatically added to your database.

No More Manual Data Entry: Lead Capture & CRM Integration

At the end of a trade show or networking event, someone has to put all the business cards into your CRM system – it’s such a waste of resources. Now, Wave can do it for you. It collates all the contacts you’ve collected into a CSV file, ready to be imported into your CRM system.

This gives you the opportunity to remove any unwanted data, correct any mistakes, and easily add them to your sales and marketing funnel.

Or, to streamline your processes even further, you can automate this process by integrating your CRM directly with the Wave Portal using the integrations page or Zapier.

In Summary

The Exchange Contact feature is built to make networking, sales and marketing much easier. Too many people waste time doing menial tasks that can be automated. Now, you can share contacts without the need for unwanted business cards, and leads can be added directly to your sales funnel.

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