How To Use Wave Cards With Android & iPhone

So, you’re considering purchasing a Wave Card but want to be certain it will work with the most popular smartphones or mobile devices. We’ve got great news. Wave Cards are compatible with both Android and iPhone.

Following a simple setup procedure, you’ll be up and running with your Android or iPhone digital business card, which is easily shared with the devices most people use.

Overall, the process is almost identical. However, the NFC technology works slightly differently for Android and iPhone devices, but we’ve got you covered.

What Is a Wave Card?

Wave Cards are unique digital business cards powered by NFC technology. These physical cards are made from various materials, including bamboo, metal, and plastic. Rather than handing over a paper business card to someone you meet, hover your Wave Card over their Android or iPhone, and your details will instantly pop up on their screen, where they can save them to their contacts.

How To Use Wave Digital Business Card With iPhone

NFC technology is built into the iPhone, meaning any person you meet doesn’t need a specific app installed or setting enabled. However, if you have a model older than the iPhone 9, you’ll need to enable NFC manually.

For best results, tap your Wave Card on the front of the iPhone at the top near the front camera. A notification will instantly pop up. Tap on it, and it will be directed you to the digital profile you create in the Wave Cards portal – this is a great way to share more marketing material with a prospect.

From there, the person you’re meeting with can click ‘save contact’, then scroll down and tap by ‘create new contact’, and your details will be added to their contacts immediately.
Important: After tapping save my contact, you must scroll down and tap create new contact; otherwise, the contact will not be saved.

How To Use Wave Digital Business Card with Android

Much like the iPhone, NFC technology is built into Android devices, making transferring your contact details instantaneous. However, if someone has an Android phone, you’re going to wave your digital business card toward the back of their device – this is where the NFC receiver is located.

The mobile owner is then sent to the digital profile you created in the Wave Card Portal, where you can share contact details and additional marketing material.

Once the user has clicked ‘save contact’, they will be prompted to open a file and given the option to import. And, just like that, your contact details are on their phone. Easy, right?

In Summary: It’s Always Best To Be Prepared

Having a contactless and paperless business card is a real talking point, especially if you’re prepared and know exactly where to tap it. If you want to impress the people you meet and make yourself memorable, we suggest getting your Wave technique nailed down and looking out for what type of phone people have.

There’s never been an easy and more efficient way of sharing contact details and marketing material. It’s seamless and can be mastered by anyone.

Elevate your networking game and improve your sales and marketing funnel with the introduction of Wave Cards. Design your card today.

Here is a video explaining this further