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The digital business card is a new way for companies to make a personal connection with their customers. With the advent of digital marketing, businesses are looking for ways to get customers to engage more with their brand and how they feel about it. NFC wave cards deliver real world feedback from consumers through early engagement and provide opportunities to collect valuable information while growing your customer base.

Redox Ltd

Minto, Australia

  • How did your business get started?
    • Redox has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the leading chemical and ingredients distributors in the world
    • Roland (our founder) was already a highly successful businessman when he arrived in Australia, however it was through his hard work and persistence that the company is the success it is today. Starting Redox in 1965, he utilized his extensive contacts and personal relationships across Eastern Europe to establish a flourishing business bridging continents at a time when the tyranny of distance made communication difficult.
  • What was the biggest change you noticed when you switched over? Did you spend more or less on paper cards?
    • It’s too early to tell in regards to spending on paper as we have only been using them for a few weeks, however the team love the ease of giving clients their contact details with just a tap.
  • What was the biggest reason for switching?
    • Paper cards are a waste of money and create unnecessary waste, Redox are very focused on our environmental impact, for example since 2017 we completed projects to fit an additional three of our sites with photovoltaic solar generation systems bringing total capacity to 500kW across five Australian sites, Redox will continue to install solar power generation systems as a practical environmental initiative that also lowers operating expenses. The electricity generated will reduce CO2 emissions by 1,280,000 kg per annum which is equivalent to 280 passenger cars or 5,380 computers.
  • Did you try any other solutions before deciding our NFC Wave Cards?
    • No we didn’t
  • What made you choose NFC Wave Cards in the end?
    • Your founder and CEO Sam Yonane was so helpful answering all of our concerns and questions, particularly around how we update these cards and what best practice was. 
  • How easy is it to use our Admin Portal to manage all of your cards in one place?
    • Having total control over all the information that the cards hold was essential to us as well as being able to repurpose them should someone leave the company or change roles. Of particular note, we were very impressed that we could link employees cards to Employee Spotlight articles we have on our corporate website. This allows potential clients further insight to the person they just met! Using the portal is easy and straight forward.
  • Has it been easier than using other tools like Excel or Google Sheets?
    • Absolutely!
  • What do you love about having NFC wave cards?
    • It’s a twofold benefit; less paper waste and easy to use. When meeting with new clients they are immediately impressed with the technology and the ability to easily add phone/fax/email/website/ site locations etc all with a simple tap.
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