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We are proud to introduce Avatar Brokers to be one of  NFC Wave Cards Clients!!

With our  modern, colorful and minimally intrusive. The NFC wave cards were created to help Avatar Brokers stand out from their competition in an increasingly crowded market. The design allows you to customize your own unique look without having to invest heavily in printing and paper supplies. Importantly, the design was intended to be easily emailed or posted electronically, so it is instantly available worldwide – truly digital business cards!

How it Started?

Avatar Brokers was founded in 2002, and began its operations after establishing an office in Sydney, Australia. Within just a few years, the company had identified the need for the Life Science sector to have an insurance specialist, which could provide this emerging industry with the required technical and expert knowledge to address their specific needs. This focus determined Avatar’s principal goal as being the leading specialist insurance broker for companies that develop innovative technology.  Avatars Brokers has changed over time as technology has evolved around us In the last 20 years, Avatar has since grown to become the recommended Broker for both AusBiotech and BioMelbourne Network and is the first Australian broker to join TechAssure, a global network of insurance brokers dedicated to innovation risk. Being connected to clients with innovative technology businesses, Avatar also seeks innovation technology solutions for our own business needs.

Choosing NFC Wave Cards

When reviewing the way we communicate and market ourselves in the industry, we realized that whilst traditional business cards serve a useful purpose, the technology behind NFC Wave Cards allowed us to easily transfer business information to our contacts, whilst also reducing administrative costs.

Avatar researched the companies within Australia providing NFC cards and decided on Wave Cards due to the website navigation and card design simplicity, along with the Admin Portal.

Managing your NFC Wave Cards with ADMIN PORTAL

The Admin Portal provides an seamless overview of what cards we have, where they are being used, and the ability to add or change details as we require.


Since using the Wave Cards, we have been receiving a lot of positive feedback from both staff and our contacts, who are impressed by the tech and the simplicity of the cards. 

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